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Nathan Evans Fox is an Americana songwriter and musician born in Glen Alpine, NC. Growing up immersed in country, rock, bluegrass, and hymns, Fox synthesizes his musical roots to produce a sound all his own. He has been writing music, playing fiddle and guitar, and collaborating with other musicians for over ten years. Recently his song-crafting prowess has been recognized by the Songwriter Serenade and Wildflower! songwriting competitions including a 1st place victory at the Eddie Owens Presents Annual Songwriter Shootout in 2018.

Fox’s lyrics confront the difficulties of his cultural and religious heritage with quiet grief, incisive anger, and an unexpected wit. Above all, he is a storyteller whose narrative landscapes are at once familiar and strange. He has written, produced, and performed two full-length albums: Home (2017) and Texas Dust (2018). Currently, Fox is premiering songs from his upcoming album, Kindness, set to be released in 2020. Fox recently moved to Nashville with his best friend/wife Elizabeth and their dog Maisie.



In his album, Texas Dust, Nathan Evans Fox settles into the dry want of the Texas landscape. “I lost my taste for poetry, picked up my taste for gin” he sings in the album’s opening lines, signaling the tone of melancholy longing for “an eastbound wind” that pervades much of the album. Fox considers how the weight of religion and displacement from home both found and confound his place in the world and reflects on the inescapable thread of his family history. The title track “Texas Dust” explores how previous generations were shattered after coming back “from a foreign war,” while “St Louis” expresses anxiety about losing aging family members while living far away: “Pray my next trip to Carolina ain’t with black suit and tie.” Fox maintains his wry sense of humor even when “Texas tries to annex his smile.” In traditional bloody ballads like “Corn Whiskey” and country-infused love songs like “Quicksand,” both his lyrics and fiddle riffs prove he is dynamic storyteller. “Great Sky” pairs Fox’s steady vocals with danceable organ lines and effected mandolin to produce a surreal sense of elation. Lindsay Foote’s harmonies add warmth and depth to the album, while Mike Connor’s bass lines anchor its rhythms. The final track, “Kindling Bridges,” brings together all the images that have formed the bones of the album – corn whiskey and dust, dusty bibles and pious kin – to conclude that there “Ain’t no starting over, ain’t no picking up pieces that were handed to me already broken.” Album design by Elizabeth Kelley. 

Released: April 17, 2018




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