about “Home”

Michael Conner - Bass
Sus Long - Backing Vox
Nathan Evans Fox - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Fiddle

Songs Written and Produced by Nathan Evans Fox in Houston, Texas
Bass and Backing Vox Recorded by Joe Sanchez in Durham, North Carolina

Fox’s debut album Home considers what it means to belong, to have roots, to be known. Yet Home is not about staying in one place. It contemplates what it means for home to be found in a person, or for home to be lost, misunderstood, or left behind. The album begins with the nostalgic assertion that he has “left his heart in the country”, but soon sweeps us into the unknown with a wind that will “take me to wherever you damn-well please”. Fox reflects on his own religious roots, expressing a deep desire for the cleansing waters of Jordan, but also condemning hypocrisy with the anger of a prophet. His lyrics are as playful as they are deep, and he is richly influenced by the story-telling and dark humor of the bluegrass tradition. Tongue-in-cheek tracks like “Long Distance Relationships” and “Kansas” are full of foot-tapping beats and quick-fingered riffs. His fiddle lines reveal the pain and vulnerability that come from missing a lover or wandering in a strange land. Home culminates in the homeward glance of the prodigal son who knows where he’s been but not what lies ahead. Fox writes all his own music and plays the guitars, percussion, fiddle, mandolin, keys, and main vocals. Michael Conner provides danceable bass lines, and Sus Long sings sweet harmonies. Album design by Elizabeth Kelley.