Nathan Evans Fox


Nathan Evans Fox is an Americana songwriter and musician from Glen Alpine, NC. Growing up immersed in country, rock, bluegrass, and hymns, Fox synthesizes his musical roots to produce a sound all his own. He has been writing music, playing fiddle and guitar, and collaborating with other musicians for over ten years. Recently his song-crafting prowess has been recognized by the Songwriter Serenade and Wildflower! songwriting competitions. 

Fox’s lyrics confront the difficulties of his cultural and religious heritage with quiet grief, incisive anger, and an unexpected wit. Above all, he is a storyteller whose narrative landscapes are at once familiar and strange. He has written, produced, and performed two full-length albums: Home (2017) and most recently Texas Dust, which was released in April 2018. Reviewing the title track of his recent album, writes that Fox punches out a song "with carefully-hewn lyrical insight delivered in his velvety twang." Currently, he lives in Atlanta with his best friend/wife Elizabeth and their dog Maisie.

Nathan Evans Fox sounds like the truth. In the end, that’s what we go to songwriters for, isn’t it? That sense of themselves that reveals a glimpse of ourselves, too.
— Americana UK
...carefully-hewn lyrical insight delivered in his velvety twang...
— Mother Church Pew

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